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Simple Ways To Make Your Day Better in 5 Minutes

Simple Ways To Make Your Day Better in 5 Minutes

Simple Ways To Make Your Day Better in 5 Minutes

Life gets busy and stress seems to be everywhere.

When stress hits us we feel it in many ways. Our heart rate increases and our chest tightens. Emotionally, we become irritable and impatient, and worse, many of us take it home, resulting in strained relationships and poor sleep.

Yep, I have been there and you’re not alone.

Here are some quick ways to de-stress when you find yourself stuck in overwhelm.

You’ll find you don’t need hours to meditate or exercise—with these tips you can de-stress in minutes:

DRINK THIS: When stress gets the best of us our bodies need a little TLC. You can choose healthy options to calm and support your body and mind, rather than make the stress levels worse. Drink a cup of calming peppermint or chamomile tea instead of coffee which raises cortisol and adrenaline. My favorite is Traditional Medicinal Organic Peppermint Tea. 

INHALE THIS: Use a diffuser or apply diluted essential oils to your pressure points  – lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and frankincense can all alleviate stress and promote a sense of calm.

LISTEN TO THIS: Mini-Meditation soundtracks, guided deep breathing exercises and apps like Headspace and Calm are simple and quick ways to dial back your stress.

DO THIS: Do something that will interrupt your current thought pattern: go for a walk, impromptu dance party, do a quick set up jumping jacks or squats. I also recommend keeping a tennis ball handy at the office. It’s great to roll under your foot especially if you have plantar fasciitis issues. You can also use it on your back against the wall to help release tension in your back. Think of it as DIY trigger-pressure massage.

LEAVE THIS: If you're at work leave your desk. I can't stress enough how important it is to take breaks throughout the day. Stretching your legs also stretches your mind and will help you feel more energized and productive throughout the day.

Try one or all of these stress tips or experiment with your own, and I hope you are empowered to find a way to deal with stress that works for you.

Tell me what you do to help handle your stress in the comments below!

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