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Recommit to Your Goals: How to stay persistent (Video + Notes)

Recommit to Your Goals: How to stay persistent (Video + Notes)

Recommit to Your Goals: How to stay persistent

In this video, I walk you through how to recommit to your goals. We talk about ways to stay persistent to keep you focused and on track to make things happen this year. 

Below are the highlights of the video in case you want to skim the highlights (or can't stand the sound of my voice LOL).

  • How to be persistent when reaching your goals, your intentions for the new year, especially since it's 2019.
  • How do you plan on showing up?
  • How do you plan on being?
  • And one of the ways of being that is quite critical to reaching your intended goals and resolutions or whatever you want to call them is being persistent.
  • Being persistent to the point of not having a plan B.
  • This is going all in on your goals, making them happen, making them count this year and going after it like it's your job.

Recommit to your goals: 3 ways to be persistent

  1. Accountability: I have someone to help me be accountable, someone who I share my goals, my intentions and my resolutions with and we talk about it on a weekly basis. Having that constant communication around your goals helps them to stay top of mind.
  2. Tell People: Let your goals be public, tell other people about your goals and whether you post it on social media, whether you tell your spouse, your family, your close friends, that inner circle that you might have, really sharing the fact that this is what you are striving towards, these are the goals that you want to reach can help you feel like you have that cheerleading, you know, those cheerleaders, your support team, that they're going, they're supporting you no matter what and so it's important to kind of share your vision.
  3. Ask for Help: This wasn't an easy thing for me. When I started my business. I didn't know what the heck I was doing, but when I started to reach out for help I started to see more results in my life as a whole.
  4.  It's okay to ask for help because we don't have all the answers so having someone in our corner to keep us on track and to support us in that area, I think is really vital. 

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