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How to Realistically "Marie Kondo" Your Way Into Spring

How to Realistically "Marie Kondo" Your Way Into Spring

How to realistically "Marie Kondo" Your Way Into Spring

March 20, 2019, officially kicks off springtime. What comes to mind when you think about this time of year? 

Going outside. Movement. Time change. Spring break. St. Patrick's Day. Easter. Nature. Spring Cleaning. 

Ritual of the Week

Speaking of spring cleaning, everyone seems to be talking about Marie Kondo. I watched her show on Netflix and became inspired.

My challenge or ritual for this week is to for you pick one drawer and Marie Kondo it.

Why one drawer? Let's be real. With everything on your plate, it may be hard to re-do your whole closet over a weekend. Simplifying the process allows you to feel accomplished instead of overwhelmed. 

  • Pick a drawer.
  • Take everything out of the drawer.
  • Take one item in your hand.
  • Ask yourself in true Marie Kondo fashion if the item in your hand sparks joy or if you want to take it with you into the future.
  • If not, remove it from your home by throwing it away, donating or selling the item.
  • If yes, then find a way to organize it so you see everything and easily grab it when needed. Marie Kondo recommends different organizers (Thanks Amazon!) and folding techniques based on the contents. 

Be present and see what comes up for you as you go through the process. As you do, questions might flood your mind and different emotions might come to the surface. That's cool and totally normal. That happened with me too. 

Here are some questions that came to my mind throughout my experience:

1. Why do I feel reluctant to give this away?

Perhaps "someday" you might need it. Perhaps I need to hold onto it just in case. 

2. Why do I feel guilty?

Thoughts would food my mind. I don't want to be wasteful. I am grateful for everything I have in my life. OMG, I remember how much I paid for so I can't give it away. Nevermind, that I never wear it or it still has the tag on it. In these moments, I find that closing my eyes and taking a deep breath helps a lot. Be kind and gentle with yourself and look at what you can learn. 

3. Did someone special give that to you?

I can't get rid of this because it was a special item from a special person. Nevermind, you never use it and it's taking up space in a drawer you use all the time. I get it, you don't want to get rid of it. Think about placing it in a keepsake box that is out of the way and not taking space that you use regularly. She has a specific process for sentimental items (displaying them and integrating them into space); however, I decided to tuck some of these items away in a special place instead. 

4. What lessons can I learn from the experience?

I am going to go through lessons I learned in a different post, but think through the lessons you can learn from this exercise. You can learn things about your personal style, spending habits and so much more.

I hope this exercise supports you in shaking off the winter blahs and moving into action with this new season. Going through one drawer can be powerful, if you allow it to be. 

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