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7 Ways to Get Back On Track and Recommit to Your Dreams + Video

7 Ways to Get Back On Track and Recommit to Your Dreams + Video

7 Ways to Get Back On Track and Recommit to Your Dreams

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

That is a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King. Most people start the year by creating goals and resolutions for the year. Usually, by the end of January, those resolutions are no longer a priority. I'll raise my hand that this has been me in the past.

One of my superpowers is strategic planning. I think and see the big picture. I create a strategy that will lead me to the goals I set. I create an action plan and I know what I need to do.

But even with the plan and best of intentions, I am not consistent. Can you relate?

That’s where I asked for help. I have coaches, accountability partners, apps and notebooks to support me. Why all the fuss?

One of the hardest lessons I learned as a former workaholic is that I cannot do everything on my own.

When I ask for help. When I admit I don’t have all the answers. When I surrender. That’s when my faith can take flight. I’m able to move into consistent action so that my dreams can be realized.

It’s not easy. It’s damn hard. Somedays it doesn’t happen.

I hit my snooze button. Or things unexpectedly come up and derail my day. That phone call ends and adds 5 more things to my to-do list that need to be done by tomorrow morning. Grrrr!

But in those moments I don’t beat myself up anymore. I let it go - I let it be. I surrender and start again.

My friend, what dreams have you given up on? I want to encourage you to pick them back up. 

Here are 4 tips to get back on track:

  1. Don’t give up.

  2. Keep going.

  3. Trust that it will happen.

  4. Most importantly stay open and flexible.

Your dream may not unfold exactly the way you planned. Surrender to that fact and the journey will be more enjoyable.


I know that sounds like a bunch of fortune cookie BS, but there is truth in it. I haven’t always enjoyed the journey because I found that the journey can be freakin’ stressful. And yes, there will be stress and obstacles regardless. That’s life.

But we can still enjoy it and that’s why I am practicing this year. I hope you will join me!

How to recommit to your dreams:

  1. Find an app, coach or tool to support your dreams.
  2. Ask yourself, what's the next best step you can take toward your goal? This helps reduce overwhelm.
  3. Find a friend that is willing to be an accountability partner.
  4. Seek out a coach that you relate to both personally and professionally.
  5. Create a vision board.
  6. Find a notebook that will help you organize your thoughts all in one place.
  7. PRO TIP: Use an app like Think Up.

I recently learned about Think Up from one of my coaches. You can pick affirmations that align with your dreams (business, money, health, love, etc) or even add your own.

Once you select the affirmations you record your voice speaking those affirmations. Once that’s complete, all you have to do is listen every day to your words that play with soft meditation-like music in the background.

It’s super powerful! They have a free version so I would encourage you to check it out!

What other tools do you use to get your dreams back on track? Comment below!

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