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21 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for 2019

21 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for 2019

21 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for 2019

Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Day was officially on Sunday, February 17th. I personally think that this is a fantastic way of being that we could all adopt each day.

What would it look like if everyone’s code of conduct was to simply be kind and love one another?

If I want to this to become a habit I need to put it into practice consistently. It’s no different than eating healthy, working out or spending my money wisely. If I want it to become second nature, then I need to do this on a regular basis.

To do this, I need reminders so that this habit will truly stick. You may only need reminders in the beginning, but once this becomes a habit you may not need to

  • Put reminder notes on your calendar
  • Set an alarm on your phone
  • Write it in your daily planners
  • Write it on a post-it note and stick it on your mirror, call, refrigerator, or wherever you see it.

 21 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

This week’s ritual is all about others. Here’s a list of RAK ideas. It doesn’t have to cost money to be kind! Find something on the list that gets your fired up or wiggle-in-your-seat excited.

  1. Call someone in your phone you haven’t spoken to in a while

  2. Kick it old school and write hand written cards. Everyone loves snail mail that’s not a bill or junk mail.

  3. Call / text 5-10 people and tell them how awesome they are and why you are grateful to know them.

  4. Pay for the person behind you.

  5. Pick out a table in the restaurant and ask your waiter/waitress if you can pay for their meal anonymously.

  6. Leave an extra generous tip. Ex: I tip 20% no matter what so maybe as an extra challenge I jump up to 50% and make someone’s day.

  7. Grab some friends and go volunteer this weekend!

  8. Smile to 5 strangers.

  9. Give out 10 compliments throughout your day.

  10. Offer to babysit (for free) so your friend can have some me time or go on a date with their spouse/partner.

  11. Leave anonymous notes encouraging your co-workers.

  12. Make a homemade treat for your team or office.

  13. Leave anonymous encouraging and uplifting notes at the gym or on cars

  14. Bring food to the homeless

  15. Give a random gift to your kids’ coach, teacher or mentor for all they do for your kids.

  16. Pick up any trash you see randomly on the ground and throw it away.

  17. Open the door for strangers (even if you are running late)

  18. Call in your local nursing home to see if you can donate gift cards or drop of specific items for those that don’t have any family or visitors.

  19. Buy flowers for someone you know is going through a tough time.

  20. Bring coffee to your co-workers for a fun treat!

  21. Give a public shout out a friend, colleague, mentor or someone who has done great work or has made a huge difference in your life.

 Create your own RAK challenges in your circle of family, friends or even at work. Let the month of February be the starting point for all of us to be more kind, generous and loving with not only our money, but more importantly our time and words. 

Remember, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Life is precious and sacred so we need to make every moment count.

Have any RAK ideas or stories to share? Comment below!

Want more ideas? Here are a few resources to check out:

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