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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

How is it the holidays already?

Peppermint. Pumpkin. Sweaters. Cooler temps. It’s happening. It’s here. Blink and you may miss it.

So around this time of year, you get tons of emails about the holidays, gifts and getting ready. You see decorations galore. And you start thinking about - presents. But you really don’t want to think about it. It’s too early, right?!

What are you going to get people this year?

You want to be creative. You want to give a gift of meaning. You want to give something unique.

You have every intention of getting things done early so there is no last minute anything. But then…nothing goes according to plan.

You are scrambling. And then you pick up last minute gifts. Or a gift card because let’s face it - that’s easy.

How can we slow down, take a pause and focus on what really matters?

Ultimately, that’s up to you and your family.

  • You could skip presents.
  • Create a new tradition.
  • Go on a trip.
  • Share an experience.
  • Or give with more meaning and intention.

It’s the people that matter the most. It’s the memories that will last. It’s about connection.

Let’s be loving, kind and positive. Sometimes that’s hard to do during the holidays when we are rushing, hangry, traveling, meltdowns and the list goes on.

But here’s the things. You don’t know what’s around the corner. You don’t know what will happen next. Life is unpredictable. Life is too short. Put the focus on BEING PRESENT.

Make a decision now (before the holidays are here) to not sweat the small stuff. Don't get annoyed. Have more patience. Expect delays. Expect the unexpected. Things will not go according to plan. So have a plan to keep your joy. Have more fun!

As adults, we take things so seriously. ALL DAY LONG. So let go and have some fun! 

Let It Be. 

And if you want to give gifts - make them meaningful. Give with intention. Give with a purpose.

PRO TIP: Shop local or small businesses. They often have unique items that will make someone feel so special because you took the time to really think about what would make their heart smile. 

Looking for some holiday gift ideas? Check out some of my favorites below.

1. Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty

I love finding products that don't have all the toxic crap. This is one of my go-to places for "clean" beauty. A few of my favorite brands are Kosas, Ilia, and Goop. They also donate 1% of every purchase to Lipstick Angels. They are a non-profit organization that provides personalized, oncology-sensitive beauty and skin care services to cancer patients. Take a look-see.

2. TX Mystic Threads - Pillow Positivity Talk

TX Mystic Threads

Get custom embroidery on a pillow, blanket, back-pack, or really anything you can imagine. Pour as much positivity on your family, friends, and kids as possible. We need to pour more positivity into this world so why not do it in a comfy, cozy, fun way. It's an in-yo-face-reminder every single day. Check it out. 

3. Daily Planner

As a goal-oriented person, I need to keep myself on point to get things done. Otherwise - SQUIRREL. I have been using this planner all year and LOVE it. Top 3 goals, win of the day, keep track of the tasks you have completed, etc. I dig it because I like to kick it old school with some pen and paper. It may come in some other colors too - find out here

4. The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shinn

Francis Scovel Shinn 

Four books in one! The Game of Life and How to Play It; Your Word Is Your Wand; The Secret Door to Success; and The Power of the Spoken Word. These are all about your mindset and the power of words. The words we speak can have a ripple effect in our life as well as others. How are you speaking to yourself and others? These are easy to ready and I use them as a reference for go-to affirmations. Check it out here. 

 5. Live Love Eat Magazine

Bernadine Otto is a fellow Institute of Transformational Nutrition graduate and creator of this magazine. Live, Love, And Eat is a monthly magazine dedicated to celebrating life, nutrition, self-care, and wellbeing. All articles are written by health coaches and professionals who have all overcome their own personal life and health challenges. The magazine features insightful articles, simple and healthy recipes, health news, motivational quotes, and regular book features. Get more details here. 

 6. CKASquared Jewelry Boutique


Cristina Blanco-Adams created an online jewelry boutique that centers around family. That's the source for her passion, hustle, energy and joy. Hearing stories and seeing photos of wearing your jewels at anniversary dinners, holiday photos, weddings and especially driving around town with the kiddos makes her heart full. I personally love the stud earrings! Check out these beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. 

You are going through a season in your life right now.

And life can mimic nature. Life may be  bright and sunny with everything going our way. Or maybe it's a little cold and rainy right now as you go through a rough patch or transition. Let It Be Collection was inspired by nature. 

7. Sacred Essential Oil Blend (Summer)

Sacred Essential Oil Blend 

This is a favorite with notes of citrus, copaiba, and sandalwood. It's refreshing and soothing all at the same time. It reminds me of my childhood summers in Florida with my grandparents. Although these scents are all about summer - it's great all year long. You can grab a sample size or dive all in with a 5-ml bottle

8. Festive Essential Oil Blend (Fall)

Festive Essential Oil Blend

With Pumpkin and peppermint everywhere right now - this fits right in. It has peppermint, benzoin (smells like vanilla), cinnamon, clove and cardamom. I put this in my diffuser and then adding even more peppermint. Grab a sample here or the full-5ml enchilada.

9. Wonder Essential Oil Blend (Winter)

Wonder Essential Oil Blend

Snuggle up with the ease of lavender and the warmth of ginger and sage. It's subtle aroma is a cozy-pick-me-up during times when it's a little chilly or you want to chill out from the stress life can bring. Check out the details

10. Alive Essential Oil Blend (Spring)

Alive essential oil blend

For those who love the exotic - this is your cup of tea! This has neroli, sandalwood, palo santo and a few other yummy ingredients. A little goes a long way with this one and your house will smell alive, vibrant and exciting. Sample it or go face-first getting the full-size of this fun aroma

11. Aromatherapy Bracelet

Aromatherapy Bracelet

I love to add a few drops of my favorite oil to 3 lava bracelets and then stack them with my other jewelry. Lava beads are known for keeping your grounded and are the best to soak up the oil and lock in the scent for days. Get yours with amethyst, hematite, pyrite, turquoise, rose quartz, and more. Check them out here. 

12. BONUS: Grab a sample pack of all 4 oils or get the full-size bottles with the pretty labels to remind you to Let It Be. 

Use promo code AROMA for 20% off your order. Expires Soon!

Many blessings for a happy holidays and Merry Christmas! 

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